Welcome to Department of Computer and Information Sciences

Thank you for visiting the Department of Computer and Information sciences at Delaware State University (CIS). The Department offers two Bachelor of Science degrees, in Computer Science (CS) and Information Technology (IT), and a Master of Science degree in Computer Science. On this website, prospective students or their parents can find pertinent information about our mission, vision, values, programs, resources, opportunities, faculty, and research.

There are many misconceptions within the high school population in the U.S. associated with the fields of computer science and information technology. This site tries to address these misconceptions so that prospective students can make a more informed decision as to which program of study to pursue.

Computing and technology are among the fastest growing areas in industry. The demand for skilled technical workers far outweighs the supply in the United States. For computer science or information technology majors, this is good news! Should you choose to major in either of these fields, you will be in demand when you complete your degree. But wait! Did you notice the demand is for “skilled” technical workers? Becoming skilled in the computing field requires a tremendous amount of work and effort on your part. As you explore this website, pay particular attention to some of the creative work examples, research, extracurricular activities, and internships carried out by our current and former students.