Topics In Information Technology : Applied Cybersecurity

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Provide Delaware State University students the ability to experience the core technologies in the defensive cyber security realm working on relevant projects that will develop skillset bridging academic knowledge and live scenarios.
WHAT is the course about? : The vision of the Applied Cyber Security Course is to equip students with the practical knowledge and experience to use various key Cyber Technologies that will help to protect valuable data assets and develop next-generation cyber skills to anticipate, monitor and avoid cyber threats.
HOW is it taught? : This course is designed preparing students with cutting-edge knowledge and skills through practical, lab-oriented coursework that is designed by industry experts, obtaining hands-on experience and learning from knowledgeable faculty who practice in their fields.
WHY is it important? : This course will prepare emerging professionals for a field that’s increasingly important to protect proprietary data and information in the age of cyber warfare and global corporate espionage.
We aim to give students a comprehensive practical knowledge that students can use to propel their careers forward into the future of information security. Additionally this course will help students develop technical abilities along with skills in critical thinking, communication, and ethical reasoning.