Kam Kong

Associate Professor
Room: SCN
Office Phone: (302)857-6641
Institution: Purdue University
Location: W. Lafayette, IND
Degree: Ph.D. in Mathematics (1987)

Kam Kong joined Delaware State University in 1990. His contribution to the University include promoting computer literacy on campus; writing grants for the acquisition and installation of the first campus-wide student computer network, email system and the first computer labs on campus and residence halls; conducting seminars and hands-on workshops for faculty, staff and students on campus; configuration of the first Web server; design of the first web pages for the University; conducting hands-on computer workshops for young kids in the community.

He served in the Delaware State Governor’s Task Force on Information Technology, Delaware Computer Fair. He was the first Director of Academic Computing and the first Chairperson of Computer Science Department.

While he was hired as a consultant to Delaware State Lottery, he developed the state-wide Winning Number Database and Web Publishing System.

His research interest include computer graphics, computer visualization, and computational geometry. He has authored a book article, and presented articles in professional journals and conferences.

Field(s) of Interest:

Computer Graphics


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Book Articles

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