Parth Patel

Research and Teaching Assistant
Room: SC 346
Office Phone: 302-857-7072
Laboratory: CIBiL -- the Computational Intelligence and Bio(logical)informatics Lab
Institution: Delaware State University
Location: Dover, DE
Degree: M.S. in Computer Science (2013)

My work and experiences in research have had such a significant impact on my life that I have decided to pursue research rather than go into industry. My current research is focused on computational modeling of neurons, which plays an important role in modern neuroscience. It allows for exploration of various types of neuronal activity, as well as nerve cells’ responses to stimuli and perturbations, without requiring a prohibitively large number of “wet” experiments. Building neuronal models, however, even on the single-cell level, requires a lot of effort invested in the design of a realistic model structure and proper tuning of the model’s parameter values. Therefore, automated methods for neuronal model construction have been the center of my research. My thesis, in which I propose a hybridization of Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms (MOEA) and Fuzzy Control (FC) for automated construction, tuning, and analysis of neuronal models, synthesizes computational intelligence and biological informatics. This hybridization of MOEA and FC allows for generation of classification rules to describe biological phenomena (e.g., for which cellular and molecular mechanisms underlie persistent spiking of neurons) discovered during the process of model creation or tuning. I plan on being a leader in cutting edge research in computational intelligence specially in computational neuroscience and in bioinformatics by helping institutions and companies develop mechanisms for curing medical disorders like Alzheimer and autism.

Field(s) of Interest:

Computational Intelligence (Computational Neuroscience and Bioinformatics)