Zombies are Bad! (CSCI261 Elements of Computer Programming)

Alec Nepute, Christopher Tran, and Luke Hilaire

The day starts off as any normal day in New York City. Mr. Mackey, now a drug prevention specialist at a Manhattan Drug Rehabilitation Center, wakes up and gets ready for work. While he is on the subway going into Manhattan, a methamphetamine lab in Long Island blows up. The man that was cooking the methamphetamine mixed in bath salts and the chemical reaction resulted in an explosion. People in the surrounding area of the methamphetamine lab died from the vapors produced by the explosion and the bath salts sent their “dead” bodies into excited delirium in zombies.

The conductor stops the train and announces that there will be a delay. After 30 minutes, the train continues its trip into Manhattan. All of a sudden, the train makes an unscheduled stop at a station and the conductor announces that the train is no longer in service. Confused, Mr. Mackey exits the train. He is still fairly new to the big city and now he has no clue where he is. As Mr. Mackey exits the tombs of the city, he is surprised by the widespread panic along the huge city block. He sees civilians, some bloody, running and stumbling all around him. As Mr. Mackey contemplates the situation, a mysterious businessman in a tailored suit and shades, runs up to Mr. Mackey and shouts, “ZOMBIES... ZOMBIES EVERYWHERE! FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE!” The businessman then turns and runs away, dropping his briefcase. Mr. Mackey hurries to pick up the briefcase and return it to the mysterious businessman, but as he turns the corner the man was nowhere to be found. Mackey pops open the briefcase, only to find an M9 handgun, ammo, and a piece of paper with the rules of the zombie apocalypse.

Even though Mr. Mackey is familiar with the Zombie Apocalypse, he made sure to read the paper in case there was important information about zombies that he had not acquired from movies. The paper detailed how zombies will hunt their prey. Zombies can detect living creatures through smell. Mackey and other living things produce an odor that zombies can detect. If they smell the odor they will move towards the odor. The zombie that detects a smell will alert other zombies to follow it. Throughout the city, power-ups and weapons will be scattered about for Mackey to pick up.

Instructions to Play: Included in game.
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