David Donald Pokrajac

Room: 104 Grossley Hall
Office Phone: 1-302-857-7412
Laboratory: 104 Grossley Hall
Personal Page: tesla.cis.desu.edu
Institution: Temple University
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Degree: Ph.D. in Computer Science (2002)

I started my research activities in the field of signal processing and telecommunications and worked on interference surpression in direct sequence spread spectrum systems (DS-SS). Later, as part of my graduate studies at Washington State University and Temple University, I worked on spatial and spatial-temporal data mining.
At Delaware State University, I work in several fields, and collaborate with researchers from areas including physics, biology, applied mathematics and environmental sciences. I am an author of more than 120 papers (journal and conference publications), one patent, one provisional patent and several book chapters.

Video analytics represents important part of my research at DSU, and has been funded from several past and current Department of Defense grants. In collaboration with Temple University, we developed two novel methods for motion detection. With collaborators from Honeywell, I worked on several techniques for detection of unusual activity on surveillance videos. Currently, we are working on GPU implementation of statistical methods for detection of unusual behavior.

In the field of machine learning and data mining, I am especially interested in incremental algorithms for outlier detection, unsupervised learning, and feature extraction and have expertise in a broad range of classification and regression techniques. I am an author of incremental LOF and incremental COF algorithms.

Medical imaging simulation and analysis is part of DSU ongoing collaboration with University of Pennsylvania. In this effort, we developed a novel algorithm for simulation of breast anatomy with quadratic empiric complexity, that provided for significant speedup and made possible simulation at unprecedented resolutions (e.g., 25um voxels). A provisional patent is filled out of this work.

The following list of publications include journal and conference papers from 2008 on. In addition, we filled the following IP:

Z. Obradovic, T. Fiez, A. Lazarevic, S. Vucetic, D. Pokrajac, R. L. Hoskinson: Systems and Methods for Knowledge Discovery in Spatial Data, US Patent 6,865,582, Date March 8, 2005.

D. Pokrajac, P. Bakic, A. D. Maidment, Method for Simulation of Multi-dimensional Spatial Regions, US Provisional Patent, Application number 61511227, filed July 25, 2011.

Field(s) of Interest:

Video analytics, medical image simulation and analysis, machine learning, data mining, theory of algorithms


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Conference Proceedings

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Book Articles

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