Brethren of Feathers (CSCI-261 Elements of Computer Programming)

Rick Emory, Michael C. Sanchez, and David Fitzgerald

No feather will be left behind. We, the clan of White Feather, have been attacked by those traitorous Black Feathers. With no choices remaining we must head back to our land and save our brethren. You, General Goose-neck, will lead the charge in saving the rest of the flock. The objective you are charged with is recovering all birds and eggs held captive by the Black Feathers. You will be in command of a special regiment called the Alpha-Zeltsers. With their help we will by-pass the much larger and stronger Black Feathers. There is a catch, once an Alpha-Zeltser is released from your flock he will give his life to head for the closest Black Feathers. In essence we are preserving our future by giving up some of our current strength.

We will return to each of our base camps (levels). Each base camp will have a set number of Black Feathers, White Feathers, and eggs. Eggs must be taken and carried by one of our own. The flock can only carry as many eggs as the members in the flock. An Alpha-Zeltser cannot be released if he is carrying an egg. On the other hand if a bird is saved he adds to the size of the flock. The goal is to grab the eggs and bring them to the extraction zone. Saving other birds is essential, but eggs are the priority.

The predator, Black Feathers, guard the base. The Black Feathers can destroy any given White Feather. WARNING! The Black Feathers have been working on using biological means to increase their acceleration capabilities. When they spot you they will use this ability to immediately chase you down. They will accelerate at a higher rate and have a higher top speed under this influence. The point is our speed is no longer our strength. BE PREPARED.

No feather left behind! Colonel Kentucky out.

Instructions: Use left arrow key to rotate left and right arrow key to rotate right and the space bar to accelerate.
Download the executable jar file: Brethren of Feathers
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