Giovanni's Grand Adventure (CSCI-107 Survey of Computing)

James McInnis, Kentese Taylor, and Kenya Clark

Giovanni the pizza chef’s secret recipe has been stolen (Mamma Mia!) and you must help Giovanni navigate through the world to recover it. There are three levels that must be navigated in order to recover the secret recipe and each level, except for the last, has a whole pie pizza portal that transports Giovanni to the next level. Giovanni must jump from platform to platform to reach the portal. Eventually, Giovanni’s secret recipe will be somewhere on the last level. Giovanni must avoid flying mushrooms, sardines, and hot peppers because they decrease his health by one point. The first level will have falling hot peppers, the second level will have falling hot peppers and mushrooms, and the third level will have falling hot peppers, mushrooms, and sardines. Each level will have stationary pizza slices that have been placed randomly and that help increase your health by two points. The game is over once Giovanni’s health reaches zero or he reaches the recipe. A scoreboard displays Giovanni health and the current active level.

Instructions to Play: Included in game.
Download the executable jar file: Giovanni's Grand Adventure
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