Treasure Hunt (CSCI-107 Survey of Computing)

Niara Medley, Wei Wei Meng, Basil Thomas, and Tanesha Callaham

Jerry is a gold miner that is trying to get rich by searching for treasure. While on a journey, Jerry enters caves at night in search of hidden treasure. As he searches the caves, Jerry finds and collects coins while at the same time trying to avoid being hit by rocks. A direct hit from a rock results in the loss of a coin and a decrease in his score. As Jerry attempts more difficult levels, more rocks will be thrown at him. Jerry must hop over rocks and climb ladders to reach the treasure. But Jerry has a fixed time to accomplish his task. The left and right arrow keys move Jerry horizontally, the down arrow moves him down the ladder, the up arrow makes Jerry move up the ladder, and the space bar allows Jerry to jump over rocks. A scoreboard will keep track of the coins collected on his journey.

Instructions to Play: Included in game.
Download the executable jar file: Treasure Hunt
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