Undergraduate Programs of Study

The Department offers two undergraduate programs, B.S. in Computer Science and B.S. in Information Technology. In addition, students following other programs of study may elect to engage in a minor in Computer Science or Information Technology. Each program information is available through the menu on the left.

While computer science and information technology are not about programming, programming and problem solving are essential skills in both of these disciplines. Both of our programs, computer science and Information technology, work on building these skills early on. Our first course in programming has evolved from learning Java programming using a gaming platform to robotics using Python. Programming is so essential to technology that we spend a considerable amount of resources helping students hone this skill. Yet, computer programming continues to be neglected so much in 90% of schools in the U.S. that it has undermined the U.S. educational system. This issue has inspired very intelligent and successful people to spawn a nonprofit organization (code.org) to promote computer programming education in U.S. schools. If you don't believe us that becoming adept at programming is important, then maybe these guys will convince you!

For more information on careers in computing, take a look at the computer science career guide page.

Resources for girls and women in computer science are available at Connecting Girls to Computer Science.