B.S. in Computer Science

Computer science majors at Delaware State University learn more than how to write code. They also develop career-advancing skills such as critical and computational thinking, creative problem-solving, communication, and life-long learning. Students are encouraged to explore new ideas and technologies, as well as to find new uses for existing technologies. Small class sizes ensure that students can work closely with faculty and tailor their education to their own interests.

Along with research and internship experience, the senior capstone project enables computer science majors to broaden their horizons and apply their expertise in fields such as business, science, education, health and social sciences, or entertainment. Nearly every industry relies on computing devices or algorithms, so graduates from this major enjoy a wide range of job opportunities.

Students accepted into the program are expected to have:

  • Strong foundations in mathematics, including algebra and trigonometry
  • Accomplished writing skills
  • A genuine interest in solving problems that improve the quality of life in our society.

All incoming students are classified as pre-CS majors and are not considered full-fledged CS majors until they have successfully completed the following courses with a ‘C’ or better:

  1. Survey of Computing (CSCI-107)
  2. Elements of Computer Programming (CSCI-261)
  3. Discrete Math I(MTSC-213)
  4. Discrete Structures (CSCI-220).